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Saqqara James Jewelry & Crystals

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Swarovski crystals are made from a type of glass produced from quartz sand. The quartz sand is heated to a very high temperature and then melted down. The melted quartz is then put into a mold and cooled down. Once it is cooled down, it is cut into small pieces and put into a machine that cuts the crystals into their desired shapes.

The more transparent the crystal, the harder it is to create. After being made, they are cut to exact specifications using a revolutionary electric cutting machine.

Swarovski crystals cost more than conventional glass because of the high quality of their components and the intricate procedure by which they are created.

Like diamond, cubic zirconia is naturally colorless.

In fact, most natural diamonds have a faint yellow or brown tint. Cubic zirconia is completely clear, comparable to a D color rating. Under natural light, diamonds give off white light. Cubic zirconia will show more fire.

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